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Electrify your future

Fresh, clean, and climate neutral, our lineup of electrified cars is recharged and ready to change the way you approach the roads.

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Channel your electricity

Pure electric

Zero emissions. Streamlined efficiency. A unique driving experience that's quiet upon arrival but boisterous by nature. A full electric powertrain by Volvo.

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Plug-in hybrid

A fuel-efficient, two-in-one powertrain utilizing electric energy and gasoline to create power. Featuring Hybrid mode for cross-country road trips and Pure electric mode for help minimizing your carbon footprint.

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Volvo Recharge. One step closer to a future of climate neutrality.


On the front lines of innovation, Volvo became one of the first brands to manufacture a complete range of plug-in hybrid vehicles. This idea blossomed into a mildly electric flower, introducing a bouquet of vibrant hybrid powertrain options that now decorate our future. And Volvo Recharge - rewriting the map towards a future that is climate neutral.


Welcome in the XC40 Recharge - a fully electric SUV headlining Volvo's illustrious collection of pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid models. We're hoping that plug-in hybrid sales make up for about 20% of our annual revenue.


By 2025, we aspire to revolutionize the market with an invitation to our customers to the world of electrified travel, with hopes that 50% of our sales are for hybrids, the other 50% for pure electric vehicles.


Climate neutralization is the end goal, and in accordance with the Paris Agreement, we seek to expand our reach across Volvo's full value chain by 2040.

Paving the way for the XC40 Recharge

Scheduled to arrive later this year, the XC40 Recharge combines eye-catching style, versatility, and world-class prestige to create something unforgettable. As Volvo's first pure electric SUV, the XC40 is designed to help you reach your destination efficiently and more sustainably.

360 Concept - your ticket to the future

Autonomous travel is your ticket to the future. Once a nonsensical thought, a car driving itself without human assistance is now possible with the increase of self-automated technologies. The 360 Concept ushers in a new method of transportation - a fully electric, fully autonomous concept car for the masses.